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Lilynook Healing Therapy

My Therapy Services


Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki Healing is a form of hands on healing.  Reiki can start the healing process of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

The healing energy is channelled into you through the healers hands  being placed above your energy centres or chakras. 

Reiki Healing helps the body to heal and function at its higher level in all areas of your physical and emotional wellness.

Energy Healing supports the personal and spiritual growth between body and spirit.

It helps to bring back the balance within the body. It can help to clear mental & emotional blockages and thought conditioning.

If you suffer from emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns, fears, phobias, depression, bereavement grief and abandonment all these emotional feelings can lead to many physical symptoms; which can be eased when the balance within your body has started to heal.


Intuitive  Spiritual Healing

Intuitive Healing combines spirituality, intuition and our inner voice. We can all develop intuition. The magic of intuition is that it insists that you live in the moment  with no expectations and a continuing freshness to life. 

Intuition is our birth right available to everyone.

My Intuitive Healing can help you find the joy and clarity you have been searching for.  This can also be combined with Spiritual Healing by  working  with the Angels and Spirit guides.  This healing is channelled into you through the healers hands being placed on or just above your body. Angel healing is also combined with readings through angel cards.  This healing is a very comforting way of receiving healing for physical and emotional problems. 


Crystal & Reflexology Healing


Crystals give off different vibrations and its these vibrations that give the crystals its healing power .  Illness is often linked to a disturbance in the flow of energy within the body.  When the flow of energy becomes blocked a part of the body will be unable to function properly.  When crystals are used in conjunction with the chakras the healing power is particularly powerful.

Reflexology stimulates specific pressure points on the feet, hands, face and ears.  Each pressure point is connected to a different body part.  Reflexology will balance the energy flow and calm the nervous system which then improves circulation. This then assists the body to eliminate toxins which can help a variety of health conditions to improve.   


Wellbeing Therapy

Wellbeing Therapy will focus on improving the quality of life rather than just ending the symptoms which can often cause a relapse in your healing process.


Wellbeing Therapy goes directly to the problems that are causing the inability to lead a confident and fulfilling life.

There maybe times in our lives when everyday situations can become difficult.

Wellbeing Therapy can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach challenges giving you the ability to cope better in your daily life and in the  choices you make.  

My Approach

  My healing treatments assists the body's natural ability to balance. regulate and maintains itself.  Reiki Healing can improve the flow of energy around the body which promotes harmony & balance.  This enhances the body's natural healing ability whilst energising and promoting overall wellness.  My healing therapy sessions help to change the vibrations and treat the whole person on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.  My treatments should never be a substitute for medical attention but can be used alongside it which can help to improve the body's own natural healing process. 

Sara Elisabeth
Healing for the mind, body and soul
"Inner peace is found in the    
silence of the mind and soul    
in our time of quiet reflection" 
 Sara Elisabeth
Since using Lilynook Therapy my emotional wellbeing has greatly improved. I can't thank Sara Elisabeth enough for giving me the techniques to live a happier life with my family

Christina. C. Age 30

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Mobile: 07952318985

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