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Yoga at Home
Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki Healing is a form of hands on healing.  Reiki can start the healing process of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

The healing energy is channelled into you through the healers hands  being placed above your energy centres or chakras.  The health of your chakras reflects your life choices.

Reiki Healing helps the body to heal and function at its higher level in all areas of your physical and emotional wellness.

Energy Healing supports the personal and spiritual growth between body and spirit.

It helps to bring back the balance within the body. It can help to clear mental & emotional blockages and thought conditioning.

If you suffer from emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns, fears, phobias, depression, bereavement grief and abandonment all these emotional feelings can lead to many physical symptoms; which can be eased when the balance within your body has started to heal.

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