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Looking for Hearts

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

How our lives have changed so much this year. For many, I am sure, could never have imagined the impact this virus would have on our daily lives. It seems to have taken away our natural ability to live as human beings. Its almost as if our human life is disappearing. Emotionally and financially so much has been taken from us, and I see everyone around me all having to deal with different levels of emotional suffering, loss and anxiety. The uncertainty of our future can impact deeply into our wellbeing as nothing at this time feels certain or right. As a Reiki Practitioner, I am learning to look inwards. By turning our thoughts inwards we find a space of oneness, there is a trust and knowing that everything has a purpose although we may not see or feel this yet. I have to believe that everything we need is given to us. Sometimes we feel that we may have lost our need for guidance, when nothing feels right to us anymore. by turning our thoughts inwards we are able to connect better with ourselves and this will bring us home. From this place we learn to surrender and allow our life to be at peace. Within our own heart we feel safe, loved and free.

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