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The Wisdom within our Hearts

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I knew what love was and how it felt to be loved even as a small child. I knew the difference in a love that was nurturing and a love that could feel cruel. The constant love of my parents was the strength I needed within me to grow and feel secure but the love of my 2 grandmothers was the most cherished gift of love. As I look back now over those precious years and remember that love, I realise now it was the wisdom within their own hearts that they shared with me. By loving me and sharing this wisdom they gave me the world. A world I have created today for myself and my family. They showed me true family values. I am sure if I could speak to them now as an older and wiser woman myself, they would share a different wisdom with me. As a child and young adult, they tried to protect me from the harshness of life by choosing to share only small parts of their own experiences. They must have gained this knowledge of life, while on their own journey of self discovery. As all generations they had their own cross to bear, but that was never shown to me. They would have carried so much of the life they had lived, deep within their emotional wisdom. Knowing it is best not to share everything with the younger generation. They were wise enough to know that I would find out soon enough how hard life can be. They kept for me, the magic of my childhood.

They were my teachers and my inspiration for the way I live my life. I carry the values of their deeper wisdom and share that light of love and hope they gave to me with others. My own journey through life has always had them walking far ahead in the distance. They had walked my journey many years before. I know they survived through such difficult times in their lives and had encountered many dangerous situations. But they stood tall and seemed fearless to me. They shared the wisdom of their life with me. This wisdom that they carried deep in their hearts. It was hidden from view but they could call upon whenever they needed to give others encouragement and hope.

True courage is about looking inwards and standing tall when we feel vulnerable. This vulnerability allows us to flourish and learn so much about our inner strength and from this we grow. This is emotional wisdom.

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