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Companionship Care & Wellbeing

Lilynook Companionship Care and Wellbeing offers day to day companionship care and friendship.

Our service provides someone who can pop in on a regular basis, to provide company, improve wellbeing, thus ensuring peace of mind for loved ones.

Many people we support simply want company and conversation, as many of them live alone, and cannot see their family and friends as often as they would like.

Loneliness can have a negative effect on a person's health and wellbeing, and our aim is to bring about a positive effect, through our unique approach to care and companionship, always taking into account each individual's specific needs.

Lilynook Companionship Care and Wellbeing can offer their services for several hours a day, or just a few hours a week - all dependant on the requirements of the client.

We fully understand the importance of companionship in everyday life, whether this comes from a relative, friend or carer. It is essential for a person's wellbeing that they have active and positive thoughts, which can be achieved through communication and company from other people.   

Lilynook Companionship Care and Wellbeing is a fun and sociable time. 


We can assist with the following

  • Emotional  Support

  • Respite for Family and Care Givers

  • Preparing Meals

  • Shopping

  • Accompanying Clients to Events

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Help with Washing and Dressing

  • Administration of Medication


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